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Elektra Press was founded in 2014 as a conventional, independent, advance-paying publishing house that thinks unconventionally. Our mission is to find and publish extraordinary works of literature. Good writing; strong voice; gripping story; larger-than-life characters; jump-off-the-pages action; broad sweeping narrative; dynamic dialogue.

What, no pizza with the works? Well, that would be nice, too. But we’ll settle for what we can get.

And what we want to get from our authors is great fiction and nonfiction. Period. Nearly any genre or type. For any age from Young Adult right through the end of life as we know it. As long as the quality of writing shines through, we know we’ll be able to market it. And when we market it, we help our writers put food on the table and gas in their cars. Our standards are high, sure, but our expectations are even higher.

Of course, we don’t publish all genres. We’re not set up to accept Poetry (we simply can’t sell enough of it to pay the bills); “Hate” books (we don’t agree with the philosophy), and gratuitous Pornography (which we view as hate books on steroids).

Everything else, and we’re pretty much game.

So check out our link for E. P. Submissions, send us an online pitch, and let’s see what happens. You have the artistic flare. You have the dream. You have the zeal. We have the know-how, the experience, and the marketing savvy. Let’s get together and make some dreams come true!

Here’s what you can expect if Elektra Press accepts your manuscript for publication:

    • We issue a contract specifying all pertinent details, including author’s advance payment against royalties, all subsidiary royalty rights payments, and all production dates, including publication date.
    • We select the best line and conceptual editors for your particular genre and style of work and submit your manuscript to editing, where maintaining your author’s voice and integrity at all times is of utmost importance.
    • We generate a pre-production proof for you to see all editing changes, read the edited manuscript, and make any author’s alterations as required.
    • We format your manuscript and send you a copy of the print-book layout for review for technical glitches or other problems that might theoretically occur at this stage.
    • We send you an eBook version of your manuscript for future use in distributing for reviews and other purposes, as well as to make any last-minute changes to the eBook.
    • We design a cover and send a copy (or several variations of the cover) to you for your input and suggestions.
    • We make any cover-design changes necessary and send you a finalized proof.We meet with you via the Internet to arrange for a coherent marketing strategy involving both Elektra Press and you in order to generate the most possible publicity and the greatest number of sales for your book.
    • We go to press, after which we begin distributing to tens of thousands of outlets through Ingram, the world’s largest publishing distributor, which places your book in brick-and-mortar stores and with on-line retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s books, and other outlets both here and in Canada.
    • We send you complimentary author’s copies for your personal use.
    • We evaluate the marketing prospects of creating an audio book of your work and, if we decide to do so, we send a finalized version to you for your personal use.
    • We continue an aggressive marketing program for your book for the practical duration of its life in print and/or in eBook.



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