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Favage: In Pre-Release

Paula Favage’s new series in Pre-Release and eBook

The Mynah’s Call When I first began writing this book in late 1979 on the heels of a friend’s stint in the Peace Corps, the Soviet-Afghan war was but a remote possibility. By December of that year, it had become an all-too-painful reality. I followed its brutal twists and turns as the Soviet Bear tore to pieces a seemingly defenseless, largely disjointed, mostly feudal society into which a westerner had only to shudder at the predictable results. But those results turned out to be anything but predictable: After nearly a decade of vicious fighting, the Soviets withdrew from the country it had all but succeeded in vanquishing. The reason: a rag-tag band of poorly armed, poorly trained, and overtly loyal Afghan partisans who called themselves the mujahedin.

It’s all here in livid descriptive detail: the two idealistic Americans who set out to save the world; the corrupt American consulate and his idealistic right-hand boy Najeem; Dinara with her staff of dedicated medical professionals; Shah Khan and his fabulously wealthy and influential family, and the Afghan rebel who ultimately steals Paula’s heart.

This is the story of two embattled, young Americans who joined the corp in order to strengthen their personal bonds and help shape a safer, brighter tomorrow in a world seething with hostility. This is the bittersweet outcome of their battle–first with one another and then with a brutal, rugged countryside and finally with a nation embroiled in bitter conflict. I am pleased to have been a small part of the story which I present here to you as fiction based upon reality.