Creating Your Own PR Buzz

With a growing number of PR firms pitching their book-promotion packages, it’s refreshing to learn that you don’t need to hire an expensive public relations firm to reach the media and sell more books. “Public relations” means creating a story that a newspaper, magazine, radio, or TV journalist will find newsworthy. Have you written a book about health? Send out a short pitch about how your book has helped someone overcome a health condition and improved his life. Female exploitation? Let the world know how you fought it and won. The media loves true stories: what better way to enter into a win-win relationship with a journalist? 

Be on the lookout for ways to get your book some free ink. Position yourself as an expert on your topic rather than simply another writer out to snag more sales. The media loves legitimate news stories. Offer your local or national news Ten Tips for Coin Collecting or Aging Gracefully or Digging for Gold in the Wild West. Talk to the editors, get to know your local news figures, and become a trusted source in your area. Then simply casually mention your credentials, Web address, and book title with a link to where it can be purchased.


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