For Sandra Tsing Loh, Change Is Good –

PASADENA, Calif. — “I just joined Twitter,” the writer and performer Sandra Tsing Loh announced into a good old-fashioned microphone. She was deep in the warren of the KPCC-FM public-radio station (wall-to-wall carpeting, office kitchen copiously stocked with herbal teas, a sound engineer who keeps bees), recording a segment for “The Loh Life,” one of her two long-running broadcasts here. Ads for Gold’s Gym flashed noiselessly, reprovingly, on a television screen overhead.Reading from a printed script, waving her hand for emphasis like a rhythmic gymnast without a ribbon, Ms. Loh described commiserating over her meager number of Twitter followers — close to 300, as of this typing — with some other “tech-impaired, middle-aged” female authors.

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