The following information is based upon decades of traditional publishing parameters. Your book may vary from them. Don’t let that discourage you from submitting your work to E. P. We’re looking for the best new properties from the most talented writers working today! We’re also looking for writers who take their work seriously and know their “stuff.” Along those lines, here are some questions to which we may require answers:

What’s the Length?
Full-length manuscripts should be 60,000 words minimum. A book shorter than that will discourage the buyer and make him wonder if the book is really worth the financial outlay. It should also be 120,000 words maximum. A book longer than that becomes difficult and costly to produce given current state-of-the-art printing and binding processes. If you have a 250,000-word book, consider breaking it down into two or three separate books.

What’s the Genre?
Some genres sell better than others: That’s simply a marketing reality. But that doesn’t mean your book is the odd man out. Remember that one book can cross the line between two or more genres. The book, Mutiny on the Bounty, for example, might be characterized as Historical, Military/War, Action/Adventure, Suspense, Psychological Drama, Literary, Ethnic, and Character-Driven. Please list your book’s primary genre first, with additional genres listed after that.

Fiction Genres

Action/Adventure, Biblical, Chick-Lit, Children’s Picture Book, Character Driven, Coming-of-Age, Confession, Detective, Erotica, Ethnic, Experimental, Fantasy, Feminist, Gay/Lesbian, General, Gothic, Historical, Horror, Humor, Juvenile, Literary, Mainstream/Contemporary, Military/War, Multicultural, Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Occult, Illustrated, Psychological Drama, Regional, Religious, Romance, Science-Fiction, Short Story Collections, Spiritual, Sports, Story Driven, Stream-of-Consciousness, Suspense, Thriller, Translation, Western, Woman’s, Young Adult, New Adult

Nonfiction Genres

Adult, Alternative Lifestyle, Americana, Animals, Anthropology/Archeology, Architecture, Art and Humanities, Autobiography, Biography, Business/Economics, Child Guidance/Parenting, Children’s Picture Book, Coffee Table, Computers/Electronics, Contemporary Culture, Cook Book, Creative Nonfiction, Design, Education, Ethnic, Expose, Fine Art, Food and Nutrition, Gay/Lesbian, General, Gift Book, Government/Politics, Health/Medicine, History, Home and Garden, How-To, Humor, Illustrated, Juvenile, Language/Literature, Law, Memoir, Military/War, Money/Finance, Multicultural, Music/Dance, Nature, New Adult, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Science, Pop Culture, Psychology, Reference, Regional, Religion, Science, Self-Help, Sex, Sociology, Social Science, Spirituality, Translation, Travel, Women’s Issues/Studies, Young Adult

What’s the Blurb?
A short abstract of your book, usually no longer than 2- 4 sentences, providing concise details of the storyline or plot.

What’s the Synopsis?
A more complete abstract of your book, usually 4 paragraphs or longer, showing the most important details of the storyline or plot.

What’s Your Author’s Platform?
Not to be confused with a biography, this information reveals your ability to contribute to your book’s sales based upon who you are and who you can reach. For example, you’re president of a large baseball equipment manufacturing company, and you’ve written a book of little-known baseball facts that you plan to sell via your company’s catalog and on the Web to 300,000 loyal customers. Or you’ve written a book on presidential politics with an introduction by George Bush or Bill Clinton. Or you have a social media following of 30,000 people. Or you’re secretly dating Oprah.

What’s Your Biography?
A concise (i.e., brief) condensation of your life, including age, profession, city of residence, and major accomplishments or achievements that might prove valuable in marketing your book.

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