Bauer, Sheryle

Author Sheryle BauerAt 18, Sheryle worked in a massage parlor on the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas. At 20, she traveled the Midwest and graduated to a job as a stripper shortly before marrying into the notorious Martin family. While working a family-owned placer goldmine in Montana, her husband, Jake, found a nugget the size of his fist!

But with mining debts of more than $40,000, the family high-tailed it out of Montana to engage in a more profitable endeavor. Sheryle helped build a multi-million-dollar company called Shaperite Concepts. During the company’s most vulnerable beginnings, the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated her father-in-law, Carl, for fraud. During the investigation, Carl’s partner turned up dead. A prime suspect, Carl ended up behind bars–but not for murder! Instead, the SEC found him guilty of stock and securities trading violations. Soon after his release from prison, he was kidnapped by a disgruntled investor and held for a $3.5 million ransom. An unexpected turn of events led to Carl’s escape while the kidnappers were apprehended.

Based on a true story, The Devil in the Deal portrays how a toxic mix of Mafia, money, murder, and scandal were just what Sheryle needed to make sense of an upside-down childhood. Her dubious introduction to adulthood comprised the threads so necessary to sew a patchwork of strength in the midst of one of the most scandalous white-collar crime sprees in America.

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MINI-REVIEW Sheryle’s story unfolds like a classic film noir. There are dark shadows and silhouettes on every page. I couldn’t help but feel that every character encountered could be either Savior or Satan in this account of a life filled with intrigue, deception, and betrayal. – Ron Hughart, Supervising Director, Fox Television Animation

MINI-REVIEW Acclimated in childhood to self-preservation by denial, Sheryle finds herself married into a family whose patriarch is a benevolent con man. Carl claims his motivation is to benefit the family he purports to love. But is it? The author shares an insider’s tale, revealing how those same family members become unwitting participants in Carl’s schemes and are ultimately destroyed by them. – Joyce Marder, Author, Surviving the Start-up Years in Your Own Business

MINI-REVIEW Bauer’s honest, forthright voice explores the life of a woman trapped by a small family’s big crimes. With an unflinching view, she goes past the mansion gates and into the criminal machinations that shocked Utahns in the mid-90s. An engaging read. – Kurt R. A. Giambastiani, Author, The Fallen Cloud Saga