Biography of ‘The Little Prince’ Author

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry disappeared 70 years ago, and a children’s biography of “The Little Prince” author is to mark the occasion with a publication date of July 3.Having written and illustrated the children’s classic in 1942, Saint-Exupéry re-joined the French air force in 1943 as a reconnaissance pilot.But the author took off on his final flight on July 31, 1944, never to return; his ID bracelet was discovered in 1998 by a Marseille fisherman, and then in 2000 a diver found the debris from his aircraft on the coastal ocean floor.Saint-Exupéry was already a prize-winning author by the time “The Little Prince” was published, bit that story became France’s most translated export, selling half a million UK copies over the last ten years alone, according to Adam Freudenheim, MD of biography publisher Pushkin.

via Biography of ‘The Little Prince’ author due in July – Yahoo News.

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