Book Reviewer Links #2

Here are some additional links that tested live when last checked in mid-January 2018. You may have to do some fancy footwork to find reviewers appropriate to your book’s theme or genre or find information on how to submit your book for review. If all else fails, send out an e-mail query to the contact listed on-site. Always strive to provide the review sites you contact with whatever they require in order to review your book. Be prepared to wait for from several weeks to several months for the reviews to go live, and, of course, be as courteous when corresponding with your contacts or reviewers as possible.

  • (specializing in genre fiction reviews from horror and true crime to romance)
  • (hundreds of monthly reviews)
  • (wouldn’t you love to meet ’em? A monthly web magazine and daily blog for those who love to read)
  • (ForeWord reviews books from small presses)
  • (the “eye candy” of review sites wrapped up in a single package)
  • (great traffic, great lists, great reviews, and great e-blast updates)
  • (book reviews, interviews, e-Books, and self-publishing advice)
  • (news and reviews from Library Journal staffers)
  • (like Goodreads, a hybrid community of readers, writers, and reviewers with some 1.5 million readers)
  • (easy links to get a book reviewed or become a reviewer)
  • (for serious books and authors, with lots of lists, interviews, and reviews)
  • (“Page Turner” is the name of the blog featuring criticism, contention, and conversation about “books that matter”)
  • (The New York Review of Books has great traffic and plenty of reading material)
  • (not for everyone, of course, but worth a shot)
  • (a universe all to its own)
  • (an Amazon-owned site where you can click-and-buy as well as join your favorite reading tribe)
  • (co-founded by long-time P/W executive editor, John Mutter, with reader and trade versions)


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