Broadway’s war of the wizards | New York Post

1113bo002Step right up, ladies and muggles, elves and squibs: It’s the showdown you’ve been demanding for ages! Wizard squares off against wizard this season and sparks will surely fly, and not just from faulty wands, as two of the most powerful fantasy characters of all time face off in a true test of magical prowess: conjuring up Samuel Beckett characters on the stage.

Sir Ian McKellen, a k a Gandalf from the “The Lord of the Rings” films, is playing Estragon, the earthier half of the duo in “Waiting for Godot,” opening Nov. 24 at Broadway’s Cort Theatre; fellow Brit Michael Gambon (formerly of “Harry Potter” fame) plays Dan, the blind husband in “All That Fall,” at 59e59 Theaters through Dec. 8. It’s a magical melee of epic proportions! Let’s see how the two conjuring competitors stack up:

Broadway’s war of the wizards | New York Post.

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