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Favage: The Mynah’s Call

Paula Favage, a young, sensuous, beautiful woman of strong will and unbreakable spirit, is restless and eager for adventure. She and her husband decide to strike out for the Middle East, where she hopes to find a different life for the two of them–a renewed love within her marriage and a renewed sense of being for herself. And why shouldn’t she? She embodies everything a woman could ask: She is at once beautiful and passionate, intelligent and skilled, devoted and adventurous. But those traits eventually produce a woman who is trapped between two worlds–one in America and the other in Afghanistan.

Before long, Paula finds herself torn between two men, her husband and a mysterious Afghani she meets one day at the marketplace. Instead of growing closer to her husband, she soon feels him slipping away physically and emotionally. Desperately trying to recapture their love, she finds herself immersed in growing turmoil and upheaval as her husband finally abandons her for drugs and a life of debauchery. When the countryside around her is ripped apart by guerilla warfare, her devotion for her husband is further challenged by her elusive Afghan freedom fighter. Is he really her silent, mysterious beacon of light on a cold, foreboding night? Or is he actually the enemy within from whom she needs to escape to save herself and her sanity?

This first book of an exotic new series is approximately 104,000 words in length, all of which build toward a remarkably unexpected, turbulent, and fulfilling conclusion.